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Van Rental Reservations Request

Thank’s for choosing Vans to Go, Inc.!

Call (580) 280-2525 for reservations.

If you need a quote contact us during regular business hours and our friendly van rental staff will assist you.

Major holidays rentals require 30-days notice.

Other requirements are:

  • Must have valid drivers license
  • Renter age must be 25 years old or over
  • Auto insurance required (full coverage, with applicable limits and deductibles)
  • Security deposit ($200)
  • 2-week advance cancellation policy or deposit will not be returned
  • Early returns do not receive refunds for unused time/miles
  • Cash/Check/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover
  • Ask about towing vans

Rates may change.

Call (580) 280-2525 to reserve your van now.

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